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My goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of your entire financial scenario, including your preferences, concerns, past investment experiences, fears, risk tolerance and timelines. I strive to provide appropriate choices and you make decisions and give me feedback. Fees and charges are explained thoroughly before investing and you have choices in how to pay (sometimes great value to you is in suggestions not related to a specific product). I encourage you to call or come in with questions or concerns. As your advisor, I need to know about major life events. We look at those, rebalancing and other issues during an annual (or more frequent) review. I do housecalls for those who need them and meet with your other chosen family members, attorney or tax professional, at your request. I want to be your advisor – and the advisor of those you refer to me -- for life, not just for a quick sale.

I founded Zahn Investment Group in September 2009. Since March of 2002, I worked for a major brokerage. When the Great Recession hit, it was time to escape the pressure to sell products and increase production numbers and, instead,...

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