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My Philosophy

I’d be honored to serve as a trusted Securities America financial advisor for your family, friends or co-workers. My mission is to help you make smart investment choices. I consult to help you understand and simplify your situation.

I have a fairly conservative “buy, hold, and rebalance” investment philosophy where we strive to use high quality products or companies and where you pay appropriately. No day-trading, penny stocks, hedge funds, options, derivatives or other alternative investments. Explanations are important: informed investors are better investors.

After I understand your entire financial scenario, our goal is to provide appropriate choices. Then you give me feedback and make decisions. Fees and charges are explained thoroughly before investing and you have choices in how to pay (sometimes great value to you is in suggestions not related to a specific product). I encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns. As your advisor, I need to know about major life events -- we look at those during our reviews. At your request, I will consult with other family members, or your tax or legal professionals.

Who do you know – in your neighborhood, your workplace, your clubs or organizations – to whom I can introduce myself? Most people looking for help ask their friends or co-workers. When that happens, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass on my contact information, 218-728-1445, or