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About Laura Zahn

Laura Zahn,
Securities America Financial Advisor and AAMS

The Mission:  To help clients make smart investment choices.  As their financial advisor, I consult with clients to help them understand, improve and simplify their unique and often complicated financial situation.


Whom do I serve:  Individuals, couples and small business owners only.


Investment Philosophy:  Fairly conservative “buy and hold and rebalance.”   I believe investing in quality and paying appropriately are critical.  No day-trading, penny stocks, hedge funds, options or other alternative investments.  Explanations are important:  informed investors are better investors.

Most common types of accounts:                      

- Single or Joint investment accounts   - Trust accounts

- TOD (Transfer On Death) accounts    - IRAs (Roth, Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE or Decedent) 

- 529 College Plans        - Custodial accounts for gifts to minors

As an independent financial advisor, access is nearly unlimited to types of investments, including:

Brokered CDs (FDIC insured)



  Government agency, Treasury or Build America bonds


  Zero Coupon

Equities (stocks)

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Life Insurance (term or permanent)

Long-Term Care Insurance

Managed Advisory Accounts

Mutual Funds

Unit Investment Trusts

Annuities (fixed, variable/deferred, immediate)


Most common client needs:

- Retirement, including planning, work plan rollovers, IRAs, and increasing retirement income

- College savings

- Tax-advantaged investment strategies

- Wealth transfer/inheritances

- Consolidation for better management of many accounts, and/or depositing paper stock certificates



- Fee-based     - Traditional commission or sales charges        - Hourly consulting


About My Practice:  You can expect from me a comprehensive understanding of your entire financial scenario, including your preferences, concerns, past investment experiences, fears, risk tolerance and timelines.  My goal is to provide appropriate choices and you make decisions and give me feedback.  Fees and charges are explained thoroughly before investing and you have choices in how to pay (sometimes great value to you is in suggestions not related to a specific product).  I encourage you to call or come in with questions or concerns.  As your advisor, I need to know about major life events.  We look at those, rebalancing and other issues during an annual (or more frequent) review.  I do housecalls for those who need them and meet with your other chosen family members, attorney or tax professional, at your request.  I want to be your advisor – and the advisor of those you refer to me -- for life, not just for a quick sale.